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Are you struggling with Manual Batch records?

  • Error prone documentation: Involves filling of scores of forms and papers. This is tedious, laborious, monotonous, time-consuming, and above all, highly error-prone.
  • Un-controlled Document Templates: Complicates preparation of document templates and version management of generic templates distributed across the enterprise-wide computers
  • Manual Issuance: Takes more time to fill the same or similar details on multiple pages. Renders manual paper movements more expensive and slow due to redundant data entries.
  • Time consuming Review and Approval process: Delays releasing of the batch material due to time consuming review and approval process for executed batches.

Caliber offers a comprehensive solution for total Electronic Batch Records Management as per GLP


Electronic Batch Records Management System

CaliberBRM  Organizes, Controls and Automates the entire Batch Records Management process in a regulated industry like Pharmaceuticals, where Batch Manufacturing takes place and meticulous records need to be maintained. It provides an innovative automation solution right from systematic and structured organization of documents to fully automated on-line product documentation.

Implementing CaliberBRM in your lab results in big savings in otherwise voluminous paperwork, time and effort, and reworks due to human errors.


Structured Templates:

Ensures Zero errors:

Elimination or drastic reduction in human errors in

High level of Automation and Integration:

Integration with other applications for easy flow of the entire batch process.

Improved efficiency and compliance

Easy Configurability

Ensures Quality:

Highly Scalable Architecture:


Integration with Mobile devices: