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The Technology Platform for the development of CaliberLIMS® was carefully chosen, keeping in view the Design Objectives. Microsoft Technologies were selected as the development platform, as it is well organized and supports all good development practices. Moreover, the development platform is well maintained, easier to develop and required skill sets to maintain the product and the rich training programs conducted by Microsoft and its associates. M.S. Operating Systems are widely used and are an industry standard.

CaliberLIMS® is built on web-technology with n-tier architecture. This architecture was selected for the application development due to the enormous benefits the technology provides.

Following are the benefits derived from the technology adopted:

Caliber offers offers IP address based access (accessible only through designated systems) that enables users to reach beyond their four walls, to partners, collaborators and customers.

System Architecture

Following is the application architecture adopted in CaliberLIMS®. With the adoption of this application architecture, CaliberLIMS® will offer high stability and availability.